Thursday, October 22, 2009

An upcoming blog

I am putting this introductory notice in place to inform anyone who may arrive here that I am scheduling an opening for this blog no later than December 1, 2009.

I have much to do before I can begin posting.

One other thing, for those who know I am preparing this blog, I have been delayed because of a poor choice of templates I made when I first installed a custom version, downloaded from one up at the btemplates.blogspot site. Stay away from the use of photobucket images in your blogs everyone. There is a scam underway to force bloggers who use photobucket images in templates to pay a user fee to, which I have avoided, even though their "spam" image dominated this site for a few days after setting up the original template. I have since custom-written my own template as a variation of one of the WordPress blog skins which is what you are seeing now.

I still have some work to do on this template before I start blogging.

More to come.

Thank you.



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